• We support the Elderly People

    1In Ukraine, as in many other countries, the most vulnerable groups of population include the elderly, single and the disabled people.

    The City Aid Center considers healthcare and life quality of the elderly population to be one of the priorities in their activities.

    This is a special category of people who are to be treated tenderly, with an open heart and love, regardless of their nationality, religion and views on life. Our work in caring for these people is based on Christian principles and morals.

    We try to alleviate the burden of daily lives of the sick and the elderly, taking care of them with patience and compassion.

    We visit the elderly, single and disabled persons of concern who live in the collective centers and the bed-ridden patients in medical facilities.

    We pay special attention to the elderly and disabled people displaced from Donets’ka and Luhans’ka oblasts, providing them with medicines, hygiene items, food and other necessities.