• Deterioration of the security situation in Avdeevka

    Avdeevka. Throughout the night on January 30th, we have been receiving worrying reports about continuous shelling. Local citizens were up all night. At the sunrise we went to Avdeevka. Over the past two days, the situation has only worsened. In spite of the signed accords on cease-fire, the heaviest weapons are unleashed. Throughout the night and during the day, massive fighting was observed, the sound of guns was shattering the town, with rumblings “thunder” heard around the city. The situation is especially dangerous on the outskirts of the town, although older parts of ??the town are also seriously impacted. Sometimes it feels like the shells explode nearby. The Emergency Agency people set up heating and meal posts. The industrial zone area has been especially affected by sustained fighting, but other parts of the town have also been shelled, with many houses having been hit. People ask for help through social networks. We went to the outskirts of the city, checking the information and taking out those who required evacuation. Many have been already evacuated by the military, but some, mainly older people, do not want to leave, being unable and simply having nowhere to go, ready to stay even if they die.

    High casualties are reported among the civilians and the military. There are urgent needs in dressing materials, adhesive plasters, and first-aid kits. There is a need in candles, warm blankets, batteries, chargers, portable generators. The town has been ended up without gas and water supply, and completely blacked out.  Electricity was the main source of heating for most residents, which made the situation worsened with frosty weathers, exceeding -20 °C. People gather by the church building to recharge mobile phones, and just come not to face all that fright alone. There is a need in a power unit with 5 kW capacity to keep the power on and to connect the pump for taking out water from the well.

    Let us not grow weary in well-doing…