Our help to internally displaced people


Due to the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, the civilians of Donets’ka and Luhans’ka oblasts (provinces) are forced to leave their place of residence and seek asylum in other places.

Our relief activities for the IDPs involve primarily an assessment of the needs of the persons of concern and maintain a special database to serve as the basis for providing complex services for IDPs, including accommodation, provision of clothing, footwear and foodstuffs, offering of legal support and advice, help with issues of employment, as well as provision of psychological and spiritual support.

We Help Children.

 Children Separation from their homestead, sometimes with family and loved ones, moving to a new location, unaccustomed and sometimes not the best living conditions at a new place, new school with new teachers and new friends – all these aspects affect children’s psychological and emotional state.

To protect and support children who experience such challenges, our City Aid Center provides assistance to children in the form of food packages, gifts, warm clothing, children’s Christian literature, as well as through visiting children at hospitals, providing all necessary aid and giving them our warmth, compassion and love to children’s hearts.

We support the Elderly People


In Ukraine, as in many other countries, the most vulnerable groups of population include the elderly, single and the disabled people.

The City Aid Center considers healthcare and life quality of the elderly population to be one of the priorities in their activities.

This is a special category of people who are to be treated tenderly, with an open heart and love, regardless of their nationality, religion and views on life. Our work in caring for these people is based on Christian principles and morals.

We try to alleviate the burden of daily lives of the sick and the elderly, taking care of them with patience and compassion.

We visit the elderly, single and disabled persons of concern who live in the collective centers and the bed-ridden patients in medical facilities.

We pay special attention to the elderly and disabled people displaced from Donets’ka and Luhans’ka oblasts, providing them with medicines, hygiene items and delivering them food and other necessities.

Response to the Residents of Luhans’ka and Donets’ka Oblasts

Снаряд попал в дом

Today, people who reside in the combat zone in the eastern Ukraine are deprived of a normal life and have many needs to be addressed.

Through relief programs for the displaced people from those areas at their new places of temporary residence, and through obtaining a lot of information about the living conditions of those who stayed in the area within the combat zone, we immediately feel our need to come there and provide direct assistance to the local residents.

In the context of devastated infrastructure of the cities and towns, the disruption of the supply of foodstuffs, medical supplies, and essentials for normal life, with destroyed houses, people find very difficult to live psychologically and physically in such an environment.

In the nearest future due to the social, logistical, material problems it will be difficult to restore normal life.

All these factors urge us to help in every possible way to the needy population who live in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

The City Aid Center carries out the delivery and distribution of foodstuffs, water, warm clothing, bedding, hygiene kits, medical supplies and spiritual literature for people in the area of residence on the territory of the military conflict in Donets’ka and Luhans’ka region.

Our center makes visits to field hospitals to assist physicians in the acquisition of medical equipment and required medicines, provides spiritual support to people injured, provides food and essential humanitarian aid.

Rehab Centers

Общение в центре
Drugs and alcohol are two of the destructive forces that the society, family and personality face in today’s life.  It is hard to stay indifferent to this issue, because even if this problem does not concern us personally, we indirectly come across with it in our everyday life.

We want to help those who are looking for a way out. In order to be able to provide a comprehensive support for the drug and alcohol addicts, we set up self-help groups for addicts and their family members, and establish rehabilitation centers for stationary participation in the program.