• Aid to the Residents of Luhans’ka and Donets’ka Oblasts

    IMG_9900Today, people who reside in the combat zone in the eastern Ukraine are deprived of a normal life and have many needs to be addressed.

    Through relief programs for the displaced people from those areas at their new places of temporary residence, and through obtaining a lot of information about the living conditions of those who stayed in the area within the combat zone, we immediately feel our need to come there and provide direct assistance to the local residents.

    In the context of devastated infrastructure of the cities and towns, the disruption of the supply of foodstuffs, medical supplies, and essentials for normal life, with destroyed houses, people find very difficult to live psychologically and physically in such an environment.

    In the nearest future due to the social, logistical, material problems it will be difficult to restore normal life.

    All these factors urge us to help in every possible way to the needy population who live in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

    The City Aid Center carries out the delivery and distribution of foodstuffs, water, warm clothing, bedding, hygiene kits, medical supplies and spiritual literature for people in the area of residence on the territory of the military conflict in Donets’ka and Luhans’ka region.