• Our Aid to the Displaced Population

    111Due to the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, the civilians of Donets’ka and Luhans’ka oblasts (provinces) are forced to leave their place of residence and seek asylum in other places.

    According to the State Emergency Agency of Ukraine in November 2014 over 38,000 IDPs were officially registered in Zaporiz’ka Oblast, of whom 12,000 are registered in Zaporizhzhya city (the data are regularly updated).

    Due to the hostilities in the east of Ukraine people from Luhans’ka and Donets’ka oblast continue coming to Zaporizhzhya in search of a new place of residence.

    Starting from May 2014, the City Aid Center set up a one of the projects focused on addressing various needs of the displaced people.

    Our relief activities for the IDPs involve primarily an assessment of the needs of the persons of concern and maintain a special database to serve as the basis for providing complex services for IDPs, including accommodation, provision of clothing, footwear and foodstuffs, offering of legal support and advice, help with issues of employment, as well as provision of psychological and spiritual support.

    The humanitarian aid for IDPs includes different items of clothing, footwear, bedding items and towels, personal hygiene items, warm blankets, tableware, household items, baby strollers, stationery and school supplies. Many volunteers get involved in the activities of the Aid Center , helping with receiving, sorting of the humanitarian goods, their identification, releasing and register operations.

    Seeing one of the pressing needs in foodstuffs, the City Aid Center provides the displaced population with packages of the essential food products.

    One of the activities of the City Aid Center is the support of expecting mothers at the late pregnancy stage.

    The Center arranges activities where the expecting mothers can get safedelivery kits. The qualified personnel of obstetricians-gynecologists provides a professional support and full information on Zaporizhzhya maternity houses provide advices and the information support in case of need.