• A New Life against the Background of the War…

      71Every person who looks at the expecting woman feels in a special way, having a desire to protect and care. A pregnant woman is bearing under her heart a little miracle, the most precious little one in her life.

      Successful pregnancy outcome depends not only on genetic features of baby’s parents. A child will certainly be affected by the mother’s life, physical health and psychological comfort, her peace of mind and balance.

      For the pregnancy period to be happy and to give expectant mothers only joy and leave pleasant memories, they should experience inner peace and well-being of life, only positive emotions and perceive the world in its bright colors.

       It is unfortunate that today pregnant women from Luhansk and Donetsk areas are deprived of well-being, the normal life, devoid of bright colors and positive emotions because of the war. In order to protect their babies from the negative emotions, they had to leave their place of residence in search of a new shelter.

       The City Aid Center takes care of the needs of expectant mothers who moved from the areas within the war conflict zone.

       To support and add to their lives some positive emotions and bright colors, our team arranges baby shower parties for the expecting mothers in the last stages of their pregnancy. More than 40 women from the displaced people from Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts came to such fellowship meetings.

      Every expectant mother receives a primary safedelivery kits. Tea and deserts, quizzes and bright balloons, smiles and fellowship – all this brings positive emotions for the babies and pleasant memories for expectant mothers.

    We also support women by inviting the leading experts and gynecologists who can consult them and give full information on the maternity wards in the city, required documents and delivery conditions.