• Visiting the collection center at the Recreation Facility “Chajka”

    On December 4, 2014 the City Aid Center together with experts from the State Emergency Agency of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya Oblast has visited 30 families of IDPs who were forced to leave their homes in Donets’ka Oblast. Now they temporary reside in Zaporizhzhya in the recreation facility “Chaika” (i.e. “Seagull”) on  Khortytsya Island.

    After talking to the settlers and having observed all the social and domestic problems, there were found a number of open issues to be addressed due to the looming of the cold season, namely: insufficient number of warm blankets in the rooms, lack of personal hygiene items, medicines and baby strollers. Today all these needs are covered. A resident of Donetsk, Valentina Stanenko shared, “If there are any questions, we know now where to go for help”.

    We are very thankful to all caring and considerate people who help us in dealing with the needs of internally displaced people, who are now bereft of their homes and require special attention. We should support them not only with material things they need, but also through the warmth of our hearts.