• There is no such thing as other people’s children

    4.6 (Small)Whatever we would do in our life, we do it above all for the sake of our future – our children.

    Most of our care and love we lavish to them. We work to be able provide them with all they need; we throw parties to entertain them; for them we give surprises and try to make all their wishes and dreams come true. Oftentimes we say simple words, “I love you, my little one!” The translation of this phrase from one of the oriental languages goes like this: “I take all your pain upon myself …”

    Today we live in times when we should provide a shoulder to each other and take on other’s pain, especially if children are involved. In spite of the civilization and the progress of the XXI century, comfort of our houses and apartments, so many children remain homeless, living in abandoned cellars, deprived of decent care and education.

    Today the war has become a leading aspect in our lives. In the context of the ongoing conflict on the east of Ukraine, the number of displaced people is growing, leading to a larger number of displaced children who were forced to resettle and now they are to adjust to new places, getting on with their life in new school or kindergarten environment, making new friends, etc. Children do not understand many things pertaining to adulthood, but their memory holds many horrifying things related to war and it will take time for them to forget. Of course, they want to come back home and to get back to normal life they used to have; however, new days dictate new laws. Children who have been forced to displace are now deprived of many things of normal childhood, and they deserve of having something special – things that make them a little happy. With the winter season looming, Zaporizhzhya City Aid Center  have purchased warm clothing for children – nice winter coats and warm boots, sweaters, hats and mittens for girls and boys from Luhans’ka and Donets’ka oblasts who destined to resettle in Zaporizhzhya. The little ones were not neglected, too – warm bright-colored rompers, diapers and baby formulas and food were provided to the youngest of the resettled children. Children who come to our Center together with their parents are surrounded by special care and attention; they always get some goodies, toys and colorful books, making them happy and cheerful.

    The situation in the war conflict zone in Luhans’ka and Donets’ka oblasts remain especially difficult. A lot of families with many children, who are still residing there, live on the verge of poverty and physical survival. Our recent trip to Luhans’ka oblast revealed to us a clear picture of an emergency character of the life of these families and their children.

    “Children of war” are the words that sound appalling! We all thought that the war would never come again to our homeland.

    In the aftermath of hostilities there is no heat in the houses, children suffer of lack of warm clothing, food shortage, and are deprived of the basic requirements for normal life, not to mention that they have to hide in dark and damp cellars during shelling. Many parents are not in a position to change the situation to the better, having no means to resettle, and oftentimes they decide rather to stay and suffer cold and hunger under the bombs than to face all uncertainties of resettling, searching for a place to live and other calamities.

    Candies and small presents become an enviable luxury for the children whom we meet during our trips. We will never forget these little ones, reaching out their hands, yet cautiously, to get a box with sweets and presents; and their smiling faces and happy eyes when they hold a toy or simple goodies. Children do not need much to feel happy, yet the adults know that we cannot solve major problems of life during war times only with presents and goodies; therefore we continue working on issues that can make a difference in the life of the children impacted by the war. And the more we pay attention to children and their needs, the happier their life will become.