• Today, helping the needy is the cause for each and every one of us

    IMG_2627 (Medium)It has been more than a year since Zaporizhzhya City Aid Center in the mutual effort with the State Emergency Agency officers is taking care of families among IDPs who live now in our region. The assistance includes psychological support, organization and delivery of mass events, encouraging children with presents and school kits. However, most importantly it is humanity, compassion and warmth of our hearts that we share with the people who require help.

    To provide people with sustained care, emergency services cooperate not only with governmental agencies but also with charity funds and religious organizations.

    To date, on the territory of Zaporizhzhya oblast there have been registered more than 62,000 internally displaced persons from the territories of the Anti-Terrorist Operations,  with more than 14 000 IDPs temporally living in Berdyansk city, its suburbs and rural regions.

    For more than three months, the IPDs have been receiving in-kind assistance provided by Zaporozhye City Aid Center, distributed on the grounds of Berdyansk Church of Evangelical Christian Baptists.  This time IDPs were able to receive food parcel and hygiene kit with total weigh of up to 20 kg.

    On May 2nd, 300 displaced families living in Berdyansk and Primorsk regions came to get aid from Zaporizhzhya City Aid Center.

    The issues, which the displaced people are facing on everyday basis, are only growing. One of the biggest problems is connected to a lack of jobs, resulting in scarce means of subsistence.