• Happy days of anticipation…

       Every new day in the life of the City Aid Center is eventful, fruitful and unique. Each day brings us awareness that it was not spent in vain and that the coming people have been satisfied and left not empty-handed. In our work, we try to pay devoted attention to all visitors: families, lonely elderly people and children of all ages. This week we had a special event: our City Aid Center threw a baby shower party for expecting mothers. It was another time when we invited young pregnant women – refugees from the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts.

    The event was open with an entertaining program for the expecting mothers – some competitions, interesting quizzes with prizes and gifts. All our guests participated eagerly in all activities and we hope that the positive energy has been transferred also to their babies. Special attention was paid to the spiritual blessing of the to-be mothers. Successful delivery and the birth of a healthy child – this is the greatest desire of every mother, so the prayer of asking for grace over the successful childbirth became for the participants the foundation for the long-awaited event in their lives.

    And, of course, each guest received presents from the City Aid Center – first of all, it was a wonderful book of the Bible; so now every expectant mother has in their possession the most valuable book in the world in which they will be able to find the answers to all questions. Secondly, they received beautiful clothes for the newborns and the primary set for delivery. The party culminated with a buffet of desserts and refreshments in a friendly atmosphere of fellowship where all the participants could share their stories and experiences with each other.

    Over the past eight months, the City Aid Center venued three such fellowship events for expecting mothers attended by almost a hundred women.