• They are not able to come to us, so we come to visit them …

    бWorking with elderly people features some very specific traits and requires a certain experience. Apart of aspects of expertise, one needs to grip well all the subtleties of their psychological state, like mood, mind state, struggles and anxieties, fears and worries, as all these aspects have a direct impact on the health condition and lives of the senior citizens. These people are in need of special care, kindness and sympathy. A kind word, showing compassion, understanding, support and true care – all this inspires them and gives energy and hope for their sustainable well-being.

    Zaporizhzhya City Aid Center pays special attention to the elderly who resettled from Luhans’ka and Donets’ka oblasts. Five persons in a tiny room, a folding cot and a chair bed – that’s how many of the displaced aged people are accommodated; yet – as many of the visited people share with us – there is no shelling here now, no sounds of bombing and barrage of mortars and rockets. It is not easy at all, especially for the aged people, to leave behind all your life, all your property that has been earned hard for the lifetime. They still look forward to come back to their homes and to return to their everyday routine that they used to have. A new place, not always decent and comfortable accommodation – all these factors add to the difficulties in the life of the aged people. Many of the elderly displaced people require special medical treatment and care.

    Since they cannot come to us, we come and visit them to render our support and assistance.

    The team of the City Aid Center offers to the elderly IDPs assistance in resettlement issues: finding and arranging of the adequate accommodation, issuing of necessary papers, providing support in medical treatment and care management.

    Provision with warm clothing, blankets, beddings, hygiene items, food home delivery – these are the services that we render on the ongoing basis to support the aged people in need.

    We believe that our care given through a kind and heartfelt word, compassion and mercy does help the aged people not to feel abandoned and lonely in this world.