• Potatoes as “Strategic” Product!!!

    IMG_8091 (Medium)A new wave of refugees… A new stream of people forced to displace from Donets’ka and Luhans’ka oblasts continues to come to our city. For the last week over 2000 of internally displaced persons have been registered. The main goal of our Center is to render assistance and help them accommodating at their new place of living.

    Every morning many people are getting in line at the porch of the Aid Center. More than 4000 people were provided with foodstuffs and other in-kind assistance. We continue supporting the internally displaced people with foodstuff packages that include essential commodities, such as cereals, flour, vegetable oil, eggs, canned fish, stewed pork preserves, else …

    Today we had a full house event – potato being a “strategic” food product has taken a lead among all the allocated foodstuffs!!! And that is easily explainable, as potato is a favorite product among Ukrainians and a table without potato dishes is hardly imaginable.

    A 20 kg bag of potato for every adult member is a good support for a family. We had about 200 participants registered and eventually no one was left behind. In spite of cold weather and long line waiting to get in and register, people could get the food and were grateful. Tired but happy the team completed another day of our mission.