• Rehab Centers

    Drugs and alcohol are two of the most destructive things that our society, including family and personality face today. It is hard to stay indifferent to this issue, because even if it does not concern us personally, we indirectly come across with it in our everyday life.
    This problem may concern our acquaintance, our loved one, friend or neighbor. Today many crimes are associated with the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Children who are taken to orphanages and residential schools are often come from crisis families. Thus, by addressing the problem of addiction, we help reducing the growing rates of crime and violence, and positively influence on the number of children and young adults who come back to full, integral life, and help securing the safety life in our cities, and in the country as a whole.
    Today’s society is ill with indifference. People appear to show callous disregard to other people’s needs, neglecting one of God’s Commandments – “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. And who is our neighbor? The neighbor is the one who needs our help. They can be the parents who suffer of despair, or couples who are on the brink of divorce due to addiction of one of the spouses, seeing no way out of the negative situation.
    We want to help those who are looking for a way out. In order to be able to provide a comprehensive support for the drug and alcohol addicts, we set up self-help groups for addicts and their family members and establish rehabilitation centers for full-time participation in rehab programs.
    We are looking for people who are not careless to other people’s problems and are open to help with food or clothes, or can provide financial support. The existing team of the rehab center, devoted to help those who are tired to live in the slavery to alcohol and drugs, consist mostly of people who had firsthand experience and used to be addicts in the past. They started their life anew, and many things have changed to the better, providing good prospects; many are happily married and, above all, they know the danger of the addiction on a personal level and are strongly motivated to help others to avoid the trap of consequences of addiction.